Tell us about your Progressive Event

We want you to tell our users about your event! But there are some rules that you must follow:

1) Please let us know about your event at least 48-hours before it starts. We have a really small staff, and we are doing other work (and other things like sleeping, etc.) so we might miss your event if you need it announced that day.

2) Your event must have either a web page, a Facebook page, or a Twitter account associated with it, so we can verify what your are doing, and if it of interest to our users.

3) The event must have more than a couple of people attending it, and must be big enough to have our users wanting to take part in it. A couple of people protesting the end of all wars on a street corner in a small town or city isn't that important to somebody in another city or state.

4) The event must be progressive in nature: i.e. absolutely NO Tea Party events, nor anti-health care events, etc. We will determine if the event is a "progressive" event.

5) Sorry, but we don't have the time to tell people about political candidates events.

6) You must have an the exact time and location: either the street location or the longitude and latitude so that our users can find you.

7) Even if you follow all theses rules, we can make no guarantee that we can announce your event - see rule #1. There might be too may events that day (or) week, and we might be just overwhelmed by other activities. So please bear that in mind.

Note: please send the information below to our email address:, as well. Thank you!