Like most people your time is valuable, yet politics, economics, the environment, civil, human, and women's rights, etc., are too important not to pay attention to, and more importantly, not participate in. Decisions are being made by elected officials that definitely effect your daily life and the future. Are you going to be part of those decisions, or let the lobbyist, the 1%, and corporations through their influence of campaign donations make them for you. A democracy depends on a well informed electorate - yet as can be proven on a daily basis, that is the last thing, the people who really run this country want you to be.

What happens if you hear a politician say sometime that you're not sure is true? Do you want to spend the time finding and going to or PolitiFact using Safari, and then book marking it. What happens if you hear some news about an economic issue, and you want to read what Paul Krugman has to say about, or Robert Reich, or some other progressive economist? You can login to Twitter, and follow them, or find their web page, or download the New York Times app, etc. - but that means you have one more app to check. What happens if you hear something about climate change, and you want to consult the Sierra Club, or the Natural Resource Defense Council, Rain Forrest Action, or some other environment group - once again you can go to their web page, or access them through Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube, or again have their app (if they have one). What if you want to find a candidate for the Senate, that you want to find out what their positions are, or donate to? Or find out about what Democracy For America, or, or Daily Kos, or the many other progressive blogs are saying. Pretty soon your reached informational overload, and possibly information glut.

Do you really have the time between your breaks, or between meetings, or during your commute, while you are just living your daily life to search out all this information and act on it? It is no wonder why so many Americans have become cynical towards their elected officials and the government that is supposed to represent them. Most of us feel powerless when poll after poll says one thing, and our politicians do another. They only time they seem to care about us, is when they running for office, and once they get elected go on their merry way collecting campaign donations to run again.

The internet has become a large unruly beast where you can be educated, but also distracted by all the chaff. This is the reason why ReyesSoft created ProgressivePortal, where we do all the work, so you can find all the progressive sites that deal with politics, economics, labor, civil, human rights, the environment. It was designed to be your conduit to help you find information and be a well informed citizen. If you like web pages, you can use them, but if you are a Twitter person, you can access this as well, even if you don't have a Twitter account. The same goes for Facebook, and YouTube.

But just being informed is simply not enough - just voting in an election is not enough. As both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street has recently shown, if you get enough people acting - the political conversion can be changed. This is where ProgressivePortal really shines, and is different from just using Safari, or other apps. We subscribe to over 200 groups, so we know if or Democracy For America is having a campaign for action. We follow the Occupy groups to find out what they are planning. We get e-mails from politicians so that we know if there is a campaign to save Medicare, Social Security, etc., so that we can inform you.

We have set up a service where you can tell others about a progressive event, or find a progressive event - by using maps to show where the event is, and giving you the chance to add it to your calendar. Can't make it to an event? With an Augmented Reality Feature, you can take a picture of yourself, or someone else, that allows to select a support sign, take a photo of it, and send it off as a Tweet, add it to Facebook, or e-mail to a politician, etc.

There are too many people who have fallen into poverty, too many people who are suffering needlessly, too many innocent people have been killed because of a political ideology that has paralyzed the government. The economic woes didn't have to happen, nor doesn't have to continue - except by inaction by our elected leaders, and the rest of us that are too busy living our lives to be not involved in politics. As history has shown, democracies are fragile, (it doesn't take too many to cause the government to become paralysed), and there are those in power, who would rather you stay out the political arena, so that they can manipulate it. An app like ProgressivePortal can't change everything - no app can, but we believe that it could just empower you enough to act to make a difference in changing the direction of this country from be owned by the 1% to being owned by "We the People."

























































It's a simple question: does your elected representative/candidate work for you, or for campaign donors.